Do you know what thermotherapy is? It’s the use of heat and cold as a therapeutic agent. The word “thermotherapy” is popularly used to refer to treatments that are based on the application of heat, and “cryotherapy” to those that apply cold.

Thermotherapy produces an increase in peripheral microcirculation and stimulates the drainage of inflammatory metabolites from the body. This technique is widely used in sports physiotherapy for muscle well-being, since heat therapy is commonly used for rehabilitation purposes: the effects of heat include an increase in the extensibility of collagen tissues, a decrease in joint stiffness, reduced pain and inflammation, etc.

That’s why with our Kyrocream Sport Hot, which produces a powerful heat effect, we achieve the effect of thermotherapy and prepare the muscles naturally before starting to practice sport, providing all the benefits of heat therapy. Thus, prevention in this case becomes essential to preventing future injuries. Preparing the muscles prior to practicing sports is a must and doing so by applying our cream offers all the previously mentioned benefits.

Kyrocream Sport Hot increases the thermal sensation in the area where it’s applied, causing the central nervous system to send the order to increase blood supply to the muscles in the treated area, thus avoiding inflammatory injuries.

Effects of thermotherapy:

  • Vasodilator effect. Increased blood flow to the area, with an analgesic effect.
  • Long-lasting heat has a sedative effect, which promotes muscle relaxation, thus decreasing fatigue.
  • Improved cell nutrition, it helps remove toxins from the inflamed area and increases its oxygenation.
  • Improved defences.

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