Tolerance subjected to dermatological and paediatric testing.

Kyrocream has undergone clinical trials on its skin compatibility by independent laboratories. The tests were carried out on twenty-one adult male and female volunteers aged 18-70 and twenty children aged 3-12. Kyrocream was applied to body skin under normal conditions at least once a day for a period of three weeks.

The study concluded that Kyrocream’s cutaneous compatibility with normal, dry and sensitive skins and those with atopic tendencies is very good, and that its compatibility and properties were rated highly by all the volunteers:


– A good product: 95%expo dorsal - copia
– Suitable for your skin type: 90%
– Suitable for sensitive skin: 86%
– Nice fragrance: 81%
– Nice texture: 95%
– Easy to apply: 86%
– Facilitates massage: 95%
– Keeps the skin moisturized after application: 100%
– Helps you to relax: 86%
– Like the product: 86%




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