Kyrocream is ideal for tired legs. Thanks to the medicinal properties of its natural active ingredients,  it prevents and reduces inflammatory conditions from the outset. If you lead an active lifestyle, Kyrocream is what you are looking for: it will help you recover after a long day.

Kyrocream has natural active ingredients that act as a muscle recovery after the fatigue of the day and practising your favorite sport.

Its natural effectiveness lies in the high concentration of oleic extract properties: arnica, hypericum and calendula, noted for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory action, providing comfort and muscle wellbeing. In addition to fighting the discomfort of tired legs, it promotes blood circulation and improves the elasticity of your muscles and ligaments to help you avoid injuries in daily exercise. It also hydrates and calms the skin.

 With Kyrocream you will forget the feeling of tired legs.

Kyrocream is a massage cream that will help you prevent and combat any feeling of fatigue, such as tired legs, as it aids muscle well-being to help you enjoy your daily life.

It is a smooth, pleasant, fast absorbing cream that you can use when you notice your tired legs, even if you have sensitive skin, as it has been dermatologically tested.

Easy and comfortable to apply.

Do you have tired legs at the end of the day? To benefit from the natural efficiency of Kyrocream and relieve the feeling of tiredness, you should massage only a small amount of product on the affected area. It is recommended to be applied two or three times a day, although its natural and medicine-free composition, mean it is possible to use Kyrocream as many times as you need.

You will find Kyrocream, ideal cream for tired legs, in pharmacies, parapharmacies, physiotherapy centres or specialist natural product shops.