Kyrocream is a cream with natural active ingredients that provides a muscular recovery effect for your day to day and in the practice of your favorite sport. It is formulated from three active ingredients: arnica, hypericum and calendula, which promote muscle recovery as they have medicinal, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Do we know exactly what a cream with a “muscle recovery” effect is? This term is widely used in sports and professional sports and indicates that it is a product that facilitates recovery after a great effort or physical exercise. Kyrocream, in addition to providing a calming sensation after its application, achieves physical maintenance and regenerates the muscles so that it recovers as soon as possible.

Kyrocream can be used daily after everyday fatigue and its use is recommended especially before and after intense physical exertion and the practice of physical exercise. Specifically, Kyrocream Sport Hot, together with your usual stretches, provides heat and prepares the muscles and links to avoid injuries in physical exercise. Kyrocream Sport Ice, on the other hand, is perfect for finishing sports training and calms down heaviness, recovers tiredness and relaxes the muscles with a pleasant sensation of cold.

These creams with a recovery effect provide great results, which is why today they are perfect for athletes and people who make intense physical efforts on time. Kyrocream is a reference brand and its good acceptance in the market has made elite athletes use its products and recommend them, and also that many physical therapists use them in their therapeutic sessions. If you have not tried them yet, get your Kyrocream creams at your pharmacy, parapharmacy, physical therapy center or sports rehabilitation center. You can also place your order here.

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