Most people suffer from muscle pain (sore back, neck, lumbar, inflammations, injuries), so for this reason it is very important to know natural methods that allow us to recover from muscle and joint problems without the use of drugs. Arnica, hypericum

 and Calendula are three plants that help relieve muscle soreness with anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that can help relieve injury and inflammation when used externally.


Benefits of Arnica, hypericum and Calendula


  • Prevent aching and aid in the recovery of muscle and ligaments.

Arnica, hypericum

and Calendula, are plants that can relieve muscle pain and are very much indicated for people who frequently perform strenuous physical exercise, since they are an excellent program for muscle recovery.


  • They relieve the fatigue caused by the daily routine.

These 3 plants for muscle pain can also be used to soothe the feeling of tiredness during long and heavy days.


  • They reduce bruising and contusions.

The anti-inflammatory properties of Arnica, hypericum

and Calendula make these plants natural remedies for skin bruises and contusions.


  • They improve blood circulation.

As well as muscle pain, these plants can be also used in treatments for poor circulation in legs and feet. Thanks to their soothing properties, Arnica, hypericum and Calendula are ideal for a relaxing massage.


  • They provide elasticity and hydration to the skin.

If you want extra hydration for your skin, these plants will help to keep it healthy and hydrated.


Kyrocream is a cream based on Arnica, hypericum and Calendula. These three plants have anti-inflammatory properties and analgesic activities that help the prevention and recovery of muscle and joint problems. Unlike other creams, Kyrocream works with natural principals, which is to say it does not contain any type of medicine and is tested under dermatological and pediatric controls.