To improve muscle recovery, it is very important to stretch, eat well, stay hydrated, rest properly and use a trustworthy recovery cream such as Kyrocream. Correct muscle recovery will help us prevent possible injuries.


Improve muscle recovery with Kyrocream and Kyrocream Sport Ice

Our body needs to regenerate after a session of intense or continuous exercise. Kyrocream’s formula allows us to maximize our muscle recovery capacity after doing physical exercise, because it contains oleic extracts of arnica, hypericum and calendula with great properties for the prevention and recovery of muscle problems.


Kyrocream is a cream that speeds up the recovery process of sore muscles and relieves both the fatigue of physical exercise and the feeling of fatigue after a long day.


For those who are more active, we recommend Kyrocream Sport Ice, a cream especially indicated for muscle recovery after intense and continuous physical exercise. Kyrocream Sport Ice also contains ravintsara oil, traditionally used in the recovery from physical exhaustion associated with extreme efforts.


Applying Kyrocream and Kyrocream Sport Ice


  • Apply two or three times a day

Use Kyrocream two or three times a day by massaging the affected area until it is fully absorbed.

As Kyrocream does not contain medicine, it can be used as many times a day as needed until the pain goes away.


  • Physiotherapeutic massage with Kyrocream

Kyrocream is the benchmark brand in physiotherapy. Ask your physiotherapist for a massage with Kyrocream or Kyrocream Sport Ice to speed up the muscle recovery process.


Where can you get Kyrocream?

You can find the whole Kyrocream product range in your local pharmacy, parapharmacy, health shop or physiotherapy centre. Also, on our online store.