Today we publish the interview with Roger Carreras, Physiotherapist and Osteopath located in Barcelona.

Name: Roger Carreras Arasa
Position: Physiotherapist and Osteopath
IG user: @rcarreras.osteo
Address: Calle Lanzarote, 6, 08030 Barcelona
Telephone: 655233894

1) What are the most demanded questions with the return to the routine after the summer holidays?
Cervical pain is, without a doubt, the most demanded query with the return to routine. Sitting back in office chairs and spending the entire working day without moving does not feel good to the body. On the other hand, I also receive many knee pain visits from all those people who return to their sports routines without having maintained the physical shape they should. It is at that moment that the body suffers and tells us that something is wrong.

2) If you could only give one, what would be the most important tip for you to prevent injuries?
Move on! The most important thing to prevent injuries is physical activity. If there is no movement the body deteriorates. Rest is no longer our best ally. You’re probably reading this answer sitting down and thinking that you should go back to training but you’re not finding that time. So, do yourself a favor and look for that gap, no matter how small, to move and train. Your body will thank you!

3) What do you recommend before training (stretching, products, precautions)?
Before training, the most important thing will always be to activate the body. Giving mobility to all those joints that are going to be directly involved in the exercise that we are going to do is going to be vital. If, in addition, we stimulate the muscles with some cream and hydrate ourselves properly, we can be sure that we start that training in the best conditions. Otherwise, we are adding points to getting injured during the session. We should not come to the game and play.

4) Returning to sport after a period of inactivity, does it require special precautions to avoid injuries?
Avoiding injury after downtime is difficult, but not impossible! We must be very aware of the state in which our body is at that moment. Progressively moving again, regaining muscle strength and eating well will be very important for the nervous system to send the correct signals to the body and the heart to pump the necessary blood at all times. Simply put, getting back into good habits will prevent unexpected injuries.

5) What is your favorite Kyrocream product and why?
Of all the Kyrocream products, I would definitely go with Kyrocream Original. Since I finished my degree I have worked with all the products they offer and it is the most versatile cream. All those people who decide to put themselves in my hands have told me that it is the one that feels most comfortable, both in terms of texture, temperature and smell. I use it to work but also as an athlete and I have no complaints.

Thank you very much Roger for your good advice and kind collaboration.


PAE C/Lleida, 31C
08500-Vic (Barcelona)
T. 93 181 06 30
M. 694 49 03 76